Administrative structure



The President of SCUSOMA is appointed by the Board of Directors to serve as the Chief Executive Officer (“CEO”). The CEO appoints the officers who serve under and report directly to the CEO.

The members of the Board of Directors, the Administration, and the Clinic Staff of SCUSOMA are as follows:

Board of Director

  1. Director: Kap Seung Kong, M.D.   
  2. Secretary: Alex Byun, C.P.A.
  3. Member: Wonil Lee, M.D.
  4. Member: Young Uk Woo, M.S.L.Ac


  1. President Emeritus/Founder: Young Hwan Cho, O.M.D. (Korea), Ph.D., L.Ac.)
  2. Academic Dean: Kyung Hwan Kim, M.S., L.Ac. (
  3. President: Judy Oh, Esq. L.Ac. (
  4. Executive Director / Compliance Officer: Lisa Jee, Ph.D. (
  5. Director of Korean Program: Dave Park, M.S., L.Ac. (
  6. Director of Program/Career Advisor: Joseph Zhao (
  7. Director of Financial Aid: Samuel L. Young (
  8. Registrar / Jeno Lee (
  9. Accountant: Minyoung Byeon (
  10. Director of Admissions: Sung Uk Park, M.S. (

Clinic Staff 

  1. Clinic Director: Stephan Seo, Ph.D., L.Ac (
  2. Clinic Manager: Joy Kim, B.A., (
  3. Clinic Supervisor: Katherine H.S. Cho, Ph.D., L.Ac. (
  4. Clinic Supervisor: Kyung Hwan Kim, M.S., L.Ac. (
  5. Clinic Supervisor: Doris Johnson (                                    
  6. Clinic Supervisor: Gina Yoo, M.S., L.Ac. (

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Tel: 213-413-9500
Fax: 213-413-5400
Office/Clinic Hour
-Mon~Sat am 9:00~pm 6:00
-Lunch Time pm 1:00~2:00
-Sunday Closed

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