Practice management


Course Number:  PM 500

Course Title:                         Clinic Management and Public health 1

This course will be prepared for students to acquire the knowledge to create a risk management plan for their clinic and have them practice safely in social, legal and medical contexts in America. Upon completion, the student will be able to assess the many dimensions of risk and implement practical strategies for the prevention of harm. Students will be taught (CPR) Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation, First Aid, (CNT) Clean Needle Technique, OSHA/ HIPAA standards in a clinical setting and a detailed description of SCUSOMA’s clinical policies and procedures. This course also provide students with the knowledge in practicing in interdisciplinary medical settings, risk and insurance issues, Ethics and peer review, public and community health and disease prevention, and public health education.

Course Number:  PM 502

Course Title:                         Clinic Management and Public Health 2

  1. This course will educate students about the legal aspects of treatment including scope of practice, professional duties and liabilities, the role of the primary care physician, the liability for negligence in the performance of duties. Students will also learn about the legal environment related to learning FDA medical device standards and FDA dietary supplement regulations, and how this is applied to acupuncture devices.
  2. This course also will be prepared for students to acquire skills about record keeping, insurance billing and collections, verbal and written communication in business, planning and establishing the procedures about clinical office management.

Course Number:  PM 504

Course Title:                         Clinic Management and Public health 3

  1. This course will provide students with the experience of observing many of the private clinics that are thriving. They will learn first- hand from practitioners on what practices they utilize to build up their own clinics. On a week by week basis students will visit different clinics and have an opportunity to ask practitioners the basic fundamentals of sustaining a private clinic and will be presented with information regarding insurance billing and workers compensation.
  2. This course will provide opportunity to acquire the knowledge of treatment of chemical dependency, communicable diseases, public health alerts, and epidemiology. Also, equipment maintenance and safety of operation will be covered too.



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