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This policy applies to students enrolled in the MSOMA degree program.

Only currently enrolled students are eligible to audit courses. A student wishing to voluntarily audit a course must obtain the approval of the Academic Dean and then register in the same manner as required for for-credit courses. Auditing is a privilege and is only allowed if space is available.

A student may only audit courses that have been previously passed satisfactorily. Previously earned credits and grades will remain on the student’s official transcript.

The audited course is documented on the student’s transcript with a grade of “AU.”

 A student auditing a course may be required, at the instructor’s discretion, to attend and participate in class, complete assignments, and/or take examinations.

A student who is required by SCUSOMA to audit a course must completely satisfy all course requirements as determined by the course instructor.

Failure to do so may result in having to repeat the audit in the next quarter of enrollment, which may compromise anticipated graduation date, scholarship status, and the ability to complete the degree program on time.