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Stephan Seo, Ph.D., L.Ac – Clinic Director

Stephan Seo

Stephan Seo graduated from University of Traditional Chinese Medicine-Shenyang in 2005 with a Ph.D, degree. Mr. Seo has also received his master’s degree in 1995 at Dong-Guk Royal University. He has practiced Acupuncture for more than 19 years working at different Acupuncture clinics and schools. He has worked at Kam Cho Dang Herb and Acupuncture Clinic since 1998 and specializes in Special care for child’s height development. He has worked and is working with physeal plate to enhance child’s height and growth. Through many practices, and treatments, he is an very successful Acupuncturists in Los Angeles in this society today. He has also worked in Dongguk University as an Clinic Director, Instructor and an Supervisor for over 13 years. As of today, he is the main Clinic Director at Southern California University SOMA and manages all operations and administer all aspects in the University Clinic.


Katherine H. Cho, Ph.D., L.Ac. – Clinic Supervisor 

Katherine Cho Head Shot EditedDr. Katherine Cho graduated from Liaoning University of T.C.M., Shenyang in 2005 with a Ph.D in T.C.M. In 1994, Dr. Cho has graduated from Dongguk Royal University and received an master’s of science of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. In 1983, she earned her Bachelor’s in Chinese Literature. Dr. Katherine H. Cho worked with western medicine Western Medical Doctors to continue her education and further studies to develop her treatments and skills. Dr. Cho is also the member of “The Korean Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Association in California.” She is also the board member of the “The Oriental Functional Medicine and Diagnosis Association of U.S.A.” Dr. Cho specializes in treating women’s health diseases, pain, infertilityhemorrhoids and other unsolved diseases. Because of her years of experience in Acupuncture and her great achievements, she is an very well respected Clinic Supervisor and an Academic Dean at SCUSOMA.


Kim Kyung Hwan, LAc, MS, – Clinic Supervisor 

kimkyunghwan headshot edited

Kim Kyung Hwan has graduated from South Baylo University (SBU) in 2003. His specialties are; Skin Care, weight control, male diseases, insomnia, depression, mental disorders, menstrual cramps and many more minor pains. 




Doris Johnson, LAc, MS – Clinic Supervisor 

DSC05431Doris Johnson graduated from Yo San University in 1998 and specializes in treating patients with natural healing. 





Joy Kim, B.A., – Clinic Manager

Joy Kim

Joy Kim worked with Southern California University SOMA for more than 10 years and she works directly with medical bills and insurances at the Clinic.

Dave Park, LAc., – Clinic Supervisor 

Dave Park Dave Park graduated from Southern California University SOMA in 2005 with the Masters of Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture. He has started his own Acupuncture business in Shinnong C Acupuncture Clinic in 2006 after he has received his California Acupuncture License and worked for 5 years. Dave Park has has now over 9 years of experience in teaching and treating patients and is now an very successful instructor, mentor and Acupuncturists. Mr. Park is currently specializing in patient treatment with pain disorders, low back pain, shoulder pain, muslcaches and more. He has many years of research for herbal dietary programs and detox for patients with obesity. 



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