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 Continuing Students:

Students are required to register for the next quarter courses during the four (4) weeks of the registration period (week 6-9). Registration by online, without paying the Registration Fee, does not constitute official registration for continuing courses. Late Registration is defined as after the registration period deadline and will be subject to a late fee of $150.00.

New Students:
Course registration can be made at any time but no later than the end of the first week of the first enrolled quarter.

Registration Procedures:  [HEAD]

Continuing students are required to register for the next quarter courses during the 6th week. Last day for registration for next quarter is the last Friday of the 8th week. A late registration fee is charged for students who register after the 8th week.

How to Register?

Please completion your registration form. (Online or Office) Application for Admission Form 2014 

*Approval of course selection by the Academic Dean; and
Confirmation of registration.

Registration is approved when all tuition and fees have been paid and there are no outstanding debts to the University. A student is not counted as present in class until registration has been approved.

 A student on a leave of absence must apply in writing to the Academic Dean for re-admission and must receive approval prior to enrollment. If the student was in attendance at another SCUSOMA during the Leave of Absence, the Academic Dean will require an official transcript and letter of good standing from that institution before considering the student’s request for re-admittance. The maximum period of time for each leave of absence for the MSOMA degree program is 180 days. A leave of absence beyond these limits will result in the loss of all academic credits accrued in the program, and an individual wishing to return to SCUSOMA must reapply for admission as a new student and must meet all admission requirements in effect at the time of application.

When a student takes a leave of absence from SCUSOMA, his/her future scholarship eligibility, anticipated graduation date, and/or eligibility to complete the degree program within the maximum time period allowed may be compromised.

 Registration Regulation: 

Students are required to register for the next quarter courses and pay a Registration Fee of $55.00, tuition, and related fees during the posted registration. Online registration without paying the Registration fee does not constitute official registration for continuing classes. A student is considered “full-time” when registered for a minimum of 12 academic units. All students are required to enroll for a minimum of 6 academic units per quarter. Students who wish to enroll in fewer than 6 academic units per quarter must receive written permission from the Academic Dean for each quarter in which the student registers for fewer than 6 academic units.


Late Registration [HEAD]

Continuing students who have not officially registered by the last day of the registration period may be allowed to enroll in courses during the first two weeks of the quarter after registration and pay $35.00 late registration fee. Students cannot register later than Friday of the second week of the quarter.