SCUSOMA Library 


The library facilities offer reading rooms, individual study carrels, and student conference and total volumes number approximately 872, which 534 are reference books, periodical, or magazine holdings comprise the collection in three languages including Korean, Chinese and English. 

The library provides access to information resources using onsite and offsite online
catalogs, databases, electronic reserves, interlibrary loans, and locally created digital image databases. The faculty places materials on reserve for students. Currently, a number of faculty members use the library for such reserve materials. The use of the library has increased with each academic year. According to the informal observations of student use, the Library Assistant estimates over 7,000 visits during the 2013 calendar year. Internet access has made it easier for students to conduct research. The library provides support for students and student projects in several ways. First, the library computers are available for in‐library use and allow access to the internet. Second, the Library Assistant provides support for students in conducting research and in providing guidance in selecting best texts to enhance student learning.

The Alternative Health package through this organization opens unique pathways to the subjects of acupuncture and herbology through journals, periodicals, and research orientated materials. The data bases known as Evidence-Based Complementary Medicine and Alternative Health Watch provide further focus on aspects of Oriental Medicine along with other contemporary alternative healing arts. Other resources in greater depth may be found in MedLine allowing full text access to many specialized academic studies with more than 70 western and oriental medicine journals. Regularly enrolled students may access computer information off site via an access code.

 Library Hours

Monday – Friday 9am ~ 6pm
Saturday 9am ~ 12pm
Sunday Closed

The SCUSOMA Library staff welcomes your questions. We are here to assist you in using library materials and facilities. They can also answer questions about how to document your sources using the MLA format. For assistance with circulation and overdue books call (213) 413-9500 

We invite you to visit the SCUSOMA Library home page where you will find links to the General Library Information, Library Holdings, eBook Online, Online Databases, Internet Search Tools, Student Resource Center, and updated acupuncture news and blogs. We also post updated news and blogs on Facebook Fan Page to share interesting information with the world. 

Finding Books 

Library Classification

The two systems of library classification, which in truth are coordinated, utilized by the SCUSOMA Library consist of the Library of Congress and the National Library of Medicine cataloging schemes. The Library of Congress classifications are followed with materials not related to medicine, and the National Library of Medicine system is utilized for those sciences designated “premedicine” and the practice of medicine proper. An expanded explanation follows.

With these new state of the art library classifications, the SCUSOMA University Library is not only coordinated with institutions of higher learning thoughout the United States, but the results of the reclassification endeavor will allow for future expansion into the international venue of the healing arts. 

Western Medicine / Alternative Medicine Part
Title of Book Author
Positional release therapy D’Ambragio
Structural Rehabilitation Stephan
Joint structures and functions Norkin
Kinesiology; Maggie
PDR for Essential Oils ESP
Job’ Body/A Handbook for bodywork Deanne Juhan
Healing Remedies C. Norman
Rehabilitation Technics Prentice
Anatomy of movements Calais‐Germain
Anatomy of movements/Exercise Calais‐Germain
The Stark reality of Stretching Dr. D. Stark
Basic biomechanics of Musculoskeltal system Nordinfredal
The nutritional desk reference Robert Gaissen
Exercise handouts for rehabilitation L. McNerg
Pain Free PeteEgoscue
Pain Free for Woman Pete Egoscue
Vibrational Medicine Gerber
The ultimate Cure Dreaver
Aromatherapy Charla
Walk yourself Well S. Brown, PT.
Embodied Wisdom Moshe Feldenkrais
Wisdom of body moving Hatley
8 steps of the pain free back Esther Gokhale, L.Ac
Endless Web Schultz
The Genius of Flexibility Bob Cooley
The Master Moves Moshe Feldenkrais
Soft tissue pain and disability Caillet
Symptoms of visceral disease Mosby Company
Rolfing‐structural integration H. George
Balancing your body Bond
Rolfin Ida Rolf
The anatomy of Pilates Paul Massey
The Pilates back book Tia Stanmore
Pelvic power Eric Franklin
Anatomy train Myers
Neurological reflexes, signs, tests J.M. Mazion
Muscles testing and functions Kendall
The thinking body M. Todd
Ideokinesis A. Bernard
Human anatomy for artists A. Szunyoghy
Kinds of Minds Daniel C. Danit
Spine Alignment Jin – Tae Kim
TMJ Treatment Young Joon Lee
The Merck Manual, 2nd Edition Mark H. Beers. MD
A clinical Companion Simon Browning Do
Chemistry for Laymen Chung‐Ho Lee
Episodic Science History A. Shutcliff
The Meaning of Immunity Tada Tomio
Anatomy of Movement Blandine C. Germain
Applied Kinesiology Robert Frost
Myofacial Treatment Chang Hwan Kim
Illustrated Myology Si Hyun Park
Manip of Spine, Thorax & Spine Peter Gibbons
Musculoskeletal System Margareta Nordin
Neuromuscular Facilitation Dorothy E. Voss
Textbook of Med. Physiology Guyton, Hall
Applied Kinesiology (Synopsis) David S. Walther
Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Part
Title of Book Author
Essiac(A Native herbal cancer therapy) Olssen
Practical Herbalism Fritchey
Nutritional Herbalogy Mark Pedelsen
Complete books of Herbs Publication Int’nl
The Encyclopedia of medicinal herbs A. Chevalier
Alternative health care Thunder Bay press
Fundamental of Chinese Medicine Mark H. Beers, MD
The Web That Has No Weaver Ted J. Kaptchuk O.M.D
The Chu‐Ma Therapy Tae –Soo Hong
Theory and Practice of Moxabustion Mam –Soo Kim
Massage for Organ Man Tac Chia
Chaos Theory made Easy AiharaKazyki
Body Never Lies Seung‐Won Wang
Nagano’s New Acu and Moxa Nagano
Sa‐Sang Acupuncture Hee Jung Kim
Chinese Letter Learn Easy Ho Rim Han
Pelvic Power Eric Franklin
Somatic Nerve Therapy In Soon Shon
Meridian Test MukainoYoshito
Doo Sol 4 Type Acupuncture Dong Hyun Kim
Relax into Stretch Pavel T.
Musculoskeletal System Margareta Nordin
Materia&Medica Bensky
Acupuncture, a comprehensive Text Shanghai TM College
The Origin of the Universe John Barrow
Russel Paradox And Structure of Science Evolution Sang Il Kim

Book Checkout

General volumes have a two week circulation with one renewal possible. The maximum number of books checked out is limited for four volumes at a time to any individual. Journals, periodicals, monographs, and similar date sensitive publications are not circulated but may be copied or utilized in the respective libraries. It is expected that the library materials circulated will be returned on the date due; however, late books are assessed a $1.00 per day fine for every day missing from the book collection after a three day grace period during which time no fine is charged. All fines must be cleared before the subsequent checkout of additional library materials. 

Reference Books

The reference section contains approximately 415 volumes. Every textbook is included in the reference section. The books in circulation total over 328 volumes. The reference titles and volume sets are located on the top shelves of the library and the books is restricted only within the Library. Here are the lists of the reference books: 

Archives of Internal Medicine
Arthritis and Rheumatism
(An official journal of the American College of Rheumatology)
California Journal of Oriental Medicine
Journal of the American Medical Association
Mayo Clinic Proceedings

New England Journal of Medicine
Patient Care (The practical journal for primary care physicians)
Postgraduate Medicine (A publication of the McGraw Hill companies)
Dong Guk University, Korea. Thesis Document
Kyung Hee University, Korea. Thesis Document
Seoul University, Korea. Thesis Document
Won Gwang University, Korea. Thesis Document
Yeon Se University, Korea. Thesis Document

Online Journals 

The SCUSOMA library also keeps numbers of journals related to Oriental medicine,
Western medicine, and other healing modalities. It has provides access to an online journal as following links:














Above links are containing the latest research, news, and informed opinions on hot topics in Oriental medicine and Acupuncture. Video and audio tapes are also available for reference and check out. Students also have access to herb samples, plastic acupuncture models, a display of tongues for tongue diagnosis, slides, wall charts, and flash cards kept in the library.

Computer Access 

The SCUSOMA library currently contains 6 divided desks with a one computer access
for reading and studying. It is also furnished with a large conference table for discussions or group study.

Any additional questions regarding the Library or need an assistance to search of any books, please contact our assistant librarian at library@scusoma.edu or contact 213) 413-9500.