*SCUSOMA library compiles this database of Internet resources as a starting point for further research and studies.

Database of references on acupuncture in the English Language

Acupuncture Today
This site includes articles from current and past issues of Acupuncture Today, listings of Chinese herbs by common name with information about dosage, indications, and precautions; information on vitamins, minerals, and supplements; articles on using acupuncture to treat specific conditions and many links to other informative websites. It also includes an acupuncturist locator searchable by name or city and general information on acupuncture. Is a leading provider of acupuncture and oriental medicine new, info and research information in the world. This site provides previous and current issues of Acupuncture today. There are many other articles on suing acupuncture to treat specific conditions and many links to other informative websites. They also have an search engine for people looking for Practitioners or acupuncturists for students on the website

Alternative and Complementary Therapies
This journal is available online full text from the SCUSOMA library.

The Free Medical Literature Service Amedeo Smart: The Smartphone Edition

American Journal of Acupuncture

BioMed Central

BioText Search Engine
Created by UC Berkeley, this is a freely available web-based search engine for scientific literature. Links to full-text in PubMed, but what makes this database stand out is the ability to search figures and tables within the articles.

China Asia on Demand
China/Asia On Demand (CAOD)/Asia Document Delivery is an effective knowledge gateway to research materials from China in particular and Asia in general. It provides a powerful Web-based research, access and electronic information solution with unique searching and discovery capabilities. Documents can be retrieved in their original format including graphs and illustrations in a pay per-view manner or with a flat fee subscription. A wide range of journals (9,638 titles) (as of January 2011) can be accessed online. Millions of theses and dissertations, patents and conference proceeding papers can be requested. You can use the system to search for articles you may need. It is a pay per view system. Listed below are several modules of CAOD Services.

CAOD Journal List
The list includes various categories of journals by topic and A to Z

CAOD Chinese Medicine Journals
This subcomponent of CAOD covers Chinese Medicine Journals and is also arranged by A to Z

CAOD Traditional Chinese Medicine Journals
The full-text collection of the CAOD Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) contains the main journal titles in the field from China. The broad and unique collection of journals makes the collection an invaluable asset for Traditional Chinese Medicine research.

Chinese Medicine Times: A Free Online full text journal
This new journal is for healthcare practitioners, students and those wishing to learn more about the diverse and extensive knowledge of Chinese medicine. There are six issues a year, delivered FREE to over 5000 Chinese medicine practitioners worldwide. Notice: Some articles in the journal contain Chinese characters. If your browser does not show the articles correctly, then change your encoding to ‘Chinese Simplified,’ by going to your browser > View > Encoding > Chinese Simplified.

Clinical Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

Clinical Trials
Information on current clinical research studies: purpose, location and participants of trials.

Cochrane Library
Independent, high-quality, evidence for health care decision making. Access from the SCUSOMA campus and library. Do Not Need to Login, just search and retrieve abstracts and full text. How to use? Go to Learn Tab or Tutorial sectioThe Cochrane Libraryn.

Diabetes Dictionary
A service of the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK), National Institutes of Health (NH)

DOAJ- Directory of Open Access Journals
The DOAJ directory is designed to list all Free open access scientific and scholarly journals

EJS EBSCO HOST Electronic Journals Service

Quick access to Electronic Journals Subscriptions available for abstract and full text articles. Follow instructions when you click on the journal you select. Titles available only at SCUSOMA library are highlighted in red. Remember if it ask to sign in, the customer access is pcoom, user name is library, and passwarod is student.

Free Medical Journals

Promotes free access to medical articles. This site allows you to search for articles in medical journals by specialty, title, or keyword. Only publications free on-line are available.

Google Scholar
Search for scholarly literature using Google’s familiar search engine. Articles are primarily in the Humanities.

HighWire is a Stanford University sponsored system. HighWire Press has a large archive of full-text science and biomedical articles. Some restrictions apply. Searchable by keyword.

Integrative Cancer Therapies
Search under topic for current year and past five years. Click on title of choice for pdf full text.

Interactions Guide
This guide is offered as individual subscriptions to users. You need to sign up individually. InteractionsGuide™ is an innovative web-based application delivering access to the content of the landmark publication Herb, Nutrient and Drug Interactions: Clinical Implications and Therapeutic Strategies through a powerful suite of access, search and analysis functions.

Institute for Traditional Medicine
The Institute for Traditional Medicine (ITM) has included many recent articles from their publications about Chinese medicine and herbal treatments on this site.

Journal of Alternative & Complementary Medicine
Access available to full text articles and abstracts. Click on printing button for full text copy.

Journal of Chinese Medicine Article Archive
Access to full text journal articles is available to SCUSOMA Library users. Click on blue journal title, (Ignore shopping basket and product search). Instead immediately look at Sidebar on the left, labeled “JCM Article Archive.” Select a subject of interest from this list and you will then get a list of article titles. Click on the Download PDF icon on upper right corner and you will retrieve the article, which you can print or read.

Journal of Chinese Medicine
The Library has a CD cumulated five year index of full text articles at the Front Desk as well as the print issues.

Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine
This journal is available on the EJS EBSCO Host online journal list. Abstracts and pdf full text articles are available.

The Lancet
For online access to journal articles and abstracts from The Lancet that are available free, students and health professionals can register individually at this site.

Medical Acupuncture

This higly regarded, professional and peer reviewed, jounal is available on line, through both EJS EBSCO journal link and here. Just enter the ID: SCUSOMA and password: library

The New England Journal of Medicine
Free full text articles (3 month delay) are available in MEDLINE with FULL TEXT. Note the journal also provides selected free articles from issues older than 6 months from the journal’s website.

PLOS Medicine
PLOS (Public Library of Science) is a peer reviewed journal of science. Access to medicine journals are available here.

PubMed Central
the U.S. National Library of Medicine’s digital archive of life sciences journal literature. Access to PMC is free and unrestricted.

Qigong and Energy Medicine Database

Contains abstracts collected by Dr. Sancier and the Qigong Institute since 1984. You may read and print.

.*All online journals and archives can be accessed through SCUSOMA’s Library computers only.