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Academic Schedule:

Academic Schedule Fall 2017

The University respects the need for students to observe their religious holidays, but is unable to accommodate all students in the Academic Calendar. Faculty may be able to provide for make-up, remediation or rescheduling if requested well in advance of the holiday dates.

To assist students in the achievement of personal and professional growth, and to meet student needs, SCUSOMA provides and maintains various student services. Major student services SCUSOMA assists with are as follows:

1. New student orientations
2. Academic counseling every quarter (click on the Advising Checklist form before making an appointment with the academic counselor) 
3. Scholarship
4. Financial aid service
5. Assistance in housing for non‐local students
6. Supporting student councils
7. Student health services
8. Library with computer laboratory services
9. Providing licensing exam information and guidance
10. Job placement
11. Sponsorship of campus seminars and various student recreational activities
12. Assistance for foreign students
13. Sponsorship of alumni association

New Student Orientation 

SCUSOMA regularly holds orientation for new students, advises students on course of study, and provides counseling in areas of financial aid, professional development, and conflict resolution. Additionally, SCUSOMA aspires to assist students with professional and personal growth, developing leadership skills, and improve the quality of student life.
We conduct orientations during the first week of each quarter to introduce new students to
SCUSOMA. The Program Director and/or Admissions Director welcome the students along with the Academic Dean, Clinic Director, Registrar, faculty members, enrolled students, and members of the student council. During orientation, members of the administration introduce themselves and describe their department and procedures. This is an opportunity for students to ask questions and understand their points of contact in the administration. Students are given diagrams which outline the levels they will encounter in their studies and the steps that must be completed before they proceed to the next level, e.g., new students, pre‐clinical students, clinic internship, and graduates. They are also given an administrative timeline that outlines basic departmental schedules and deadlines for each week during the quarter. Students then engage in group exercises led by the Program Director and/or Admissions Director. This provides students the opportunity to learn more about one another. Lastly, the group shares lunch together. The purpose of orientation is to familiarize students with SCUSOMA and with each other and welcomes them into the community. Orientation also gives new students the opportunity to discover and resolve any issues before beginning the new term.

Academic Advising

All new students must go through an academic advisement meeting with the Program Director
during their first quarter of study. In most cases, new students receive advising prior to
commencing their studies. Students are also required to have academic advising appointments
before starting internships and prior to graduation. These sessions are intended to ensure
that students enroll in proper sequence of courses. Other issues covered are as follows:
transfer credit, challenge exams, explanation of course content, matching student interests
to particular electives, questions regarding the curriculum, comprehensive and board exams,
and any other difficulties the student may be experiencing. Before registering for the next quarter, the admissions and the program director assigns all students for an 30 minute minimum of advising and counseling. It Is important that the student is aware of student’s academic standing and to know what courses to choose for next quarter. Students rely on admissions counselors to choose and recommend the best courses for their goals. All students are mandatory to show up physically for the counseling or else registration is not allowed.

Program Student Advisers are:

◆ Master’s Program

Dave Park 



213) 503-1121 



◆ Clinic Director

Stephan Seo

213) 413-9500 ext. 300

◆ Clinic Supervisor 

Kyung Hwan Kim 

213) 413-9500 ext. 300

Admission Counseling 

Before registering for the next quarter, the admissions and the program director assigns all students for an 30 minute minimum of advising and counseling. It Is important that the student is aware of student’s academic standing and to know what courses to choose for next quarter. Students rely on admissions counselors to choose and recommend the best courses for their goals. All students are mandatory to show up physically for the counseling or else registration is not allowed. Admission Counseling is provided by the Director of Admissions for admissions planning and process.  The Admissions Office staff also advises prospective students in securing the needed documents to complete the admission process. 

◆ International Student Advisor

Dave Park

213) 413-9500 ext. 110 

International Student Advising 

International Student Advising is provided by the International Student Advisor so that an I-20 can be issued to a student to obtain an F-1 student visa.  The advisor routinely processes required annual ICE reports to certify satisfactory completion of foreign students in the program.  For more information, please contact:

◆ International Student Advisor

Dave Park

213) 413-9500 ext. 110 

Students enroll in the Chinese or Korean language program may take courses at another accredited university to help improve the TOEFL and TSE scores, a requirement for clinic internship or clerkship enrollment.  If you need additional information regarding the English Proficiency requirements, please contact: 

English Language Advising 

◆ English Language Advising

Joseph Zhao

213) 819-0200 ext. 111

Financial Aid Counseling 

Financial aid advising is provided by the Financial Aid Officer to eligible students for the preparation of financial aid packages, understanding of loan rights and responsibilities, and meeting Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP). Entrance and exit interviews are required for all students receiving financial aid.  When applicable, this office also assists students in processing the necessary paperwork for students qualified under the U.S. Code Title 38 (Veteran’s Administration of Educational Benefits).

◆ Fiscal Officer

Gina Yoo 

213) 413-9500 ext. 109 


Information regarding collection of tuition and fees please contact:

Student Record Keeping 

Each student’s file shall contain application documents, admissions credentials, records of attendance, grades earned, satisfactory academic progress records, written communication with the student, and any disciplinary actions taken. Such records shall be considered permanent property of the University and shall not be available for loan or release to others without the written consent of the appropriate student. Student records are to be kept for a period of five (5) years. Student transcripts are retained permanently.
Processing Academic Documents or Student Records are services provided by the Registrar.

For graduating students who will participate in the California Acupuncture State Board exam or who request a certification of attendance or enrollment status for personal use, please contact the registrar’s office.

◆ Registrar

Sung Uk Park

213) 413-9500 ext. 103

Tutorial Services 

The tutoring services is an integral part of academic life and is a function of SCUSOMA. SCUSOMA students are permitted to receive on-campus tutoring by designated and approved student tutors, faculty members or other instructional personnel. All tutoring functions will be coordinated by the Office of Student Services and Academic Offices, and provided to requesting students at no charge. 

Bookstore Service 

We don’t have an official book store at our campus but we do allow students to preorder books online available at the library. For any additional info, please contact William Sui. 

◆ Bookstore Manager

Heather Shin

213) 413-9500 ext. 105 

Career Services

In order to assist students, the University provides job placement assistance within the University and through its network affiliations with clinics, business, and healthcare related companies. Also, assistance in the preparation of the resume is provided upon student request. In addition, a bulletin board is maintained with job announcements and career opportunities.

These services are provided at no cost to the student. The University, however, does not guarantee employment or a specific level of income from its placement assistance. All these services are available from the Office of Student Services.

Housing Services

SCUSOMA does not own any apartment properties or holds any special housing programs. Because we are located near downtonw Los Angeles and also close to Koreatown, we can recommend private apartments and special programs nearby the University. 

◆ Student Services Coordinator

Sung Uk Park

213) 413-9500 ext. 103 

Other Student Services:

Scholarship and Academic Service Awards:

The student’s grade point average is derived by dividing the number of quality points accumulated by the total number of credit hours. The symbol “XF” is assigned when the number of absences makes it impossible for the student to meet the attendance requirements and is equivalent to a failing grade. Transfer, with- drawal, incomplete, audit, and passing hours are not included in the computation of grade point averages.

Technology Services:

SCUSOMA is a Wireless Internet enabled facility. For information regarding internet or student ID cards, please contact:

◆ IT


213) 413-9500

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